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The QuickBooks software is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premise accounting applications and cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage bill payment and payroll functions.

Cloud hosting is the step by step process of outsourcing an organization’s computing and storage resources to a service provider that offers its infrastructure services in a usage model.

The service provider supervises the security, cloud infrastructure, maintenance, and setup of the organization while allowing clients to customize the hardware, applications, and scale servers online.

The traditional dedicated server model requires companies to build and manage their data centers which are more expensive compared to the cloud hosting model.

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud adds more features to the desktop software, so accounting professionals can deliver better performance and handle records with ease. Some of the benefits of choosing QuickBooks hosting are:

Multi-user collaboration

Cross-device compatibility

Better add-on compatibility

Improvised disaster recovery and backup solutions

Resource scalability

High-performance computing

Unrestricted access to data and application

Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Analyze your need

​Before choosing a hosting provider you should first analyze your needs of going for the QB hosting. How much flexibility you want, which type of QuickBooks hosting plan you want to choose, how much scalability you wish from your provider, which QB edition and version you need for your company, how much are you ready to spend on QuickBooks hosting cost, etc. After analyzing all these perspectives, you will be able to have a clear view of what you really want. 

Make a pool of best hosting providers

After analyzing your needs you should go through the available hosting providers and then make a list of some of the best hosting providers. Although there are various hosting providers in the market, you can shortlist them on various parameters like cost, scalability, reviews by customers, security, experience, etc. You should know that your aim is to choose the best Quick Books hosting provider from the available options in the market. 

Analyze the pool on various parameters

Data storage in the cloud is a safe and reliable means that helps to prevent critical data loss. With this data storage form, disasters such as fire outbreaks, floods, earthquakes, or destruction to IT infrastructure would not lead to the total loss of business data. Even in situations of server failure, data would still be readily available at several locations. This is in contrast to local installations where disasters lead to permanent loss of files.

Don’t forget the free trail

After going through all the hosting providers and matching them with your decision, now it’s time for you to make the big decision. The one hosting provider which you have chosen might be fulfilling all your needs but you should never forget to go through the free trail offered by the hosting provider. This free trial will help you to know the pros and cons of the hosting provider which you have chosen

Finally, go for it

A local installation would demand a regular backup of data by the user to prevent data loss. This is in contrast to Hosted QuickBooks where the vendor backs up the files regularly in multiple locations across protected data centers. Also, data is encrypted during file transfer to prevent leakage.


​QuickBooks cloud hosting is suitable for organizations that need multiuser access to files and information but seeks restrictions on access by other users. The software provides better security over organizational files and allows for custom roles and user permissions. It further allows users to work remotely by granting unlimited access to the platform through any internet-connected device from any location. The software also supports multiple integrations watt add-ons and features a secured backup system over organizational data. One important aspect of the QuickBooks cloud hosting version is that data is stored in multiple servers, operational downtime is reduced, and data is end to end encrypted. 

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